Former White House Aide Helps Black Women To Become Millionaires

White House aide
Photo credit: Mogul Millennial

Being a White House aide is an honor for most people. 

But being a Black White House aide is a scarce opportunity. 

Lola Tomorrow knew this, and instead of getting full of herself, she used her unique opportunity to help Black women around the country. 

She is the Real Deal

White House aide
Photo credit: Instagram – Lola Tomorrow

Lola Tomorrow has had faith since she was young. 

Her parents named her Tomorrow because they were optimistic that she would have a fruitful life. 

And that is a life she definitely has. 

She went to Illinois State University to study accounting, but that wasn’t her calling. 

On-campus, she learned that she could quickly bring people together. 

She constantly held campus events that attracted thousands of students from all over the state. 

This drew the attention of the event planning department chair, who asked if she had thought of pursuing event planning. 

This question set in motion the rest of Lola’s life. 

Getting Attention From The White House

White House aide
Photo credit: Instagram – Lola Tomorrow

Lola changed her major to event planning and landed a well-paying job shortly after graduation. 

She focused on her career and soon gained the attention of First Lady Michelle Obama

Lola became a White House aide when the First Lady asked Lola to work on events for one of her campaigns: “Let’s Move.” 

The quality of her work as the White House aide further earned Lola attention from the Grammys and the Oscars. 

Doors were opening everywhere she could look. 

But Lola knew she had more to give. 

A Radical Change to Help Black Businesses

White House aide
Photo credit: Instagram – Lola Tomorrow

Lola’s career was on the rise, so what she did next must have shocked those around her. 

Instead, she stopped event planning and started Faith Figures, a business coaching company. 

Everyone thought this was crazy, but it was the right choice. 

Since launching Faith Figures, the former White House aide has earned more than $1 million. 

And she is set to exceed her goals for this year. 

So, what exactly do Faith Figures do?

It gives small businesses the tools to take their businesses to a higher level. 

Business leaders mentor each participant and give them professional development tools and marketing help. 

From White House Aide to Business Guide

White House aide
Photo credit: Instagram – Lola Tomorrow

Lola Tomorrow’s career has been a whirlwind experience. 

Still, she is where she needs to be right now: helping Black women-owned businesses to reach greater heights. 

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