The Truth About The LOC Method + My Product Combination


Last week I did a fun impromptu poll on Facebook asking the question what was the most difficult thing about having natural hair.

I kid you not, probably 90% of my followers complained about having dry hair and honestly my answer to the poll was literally the same thing.

It isn’t that we are doing anything wrong, it’s just that our hair drys out faster when it is in its curly state, (#facts) and we all have to simply deal with it.

I have a bunch of recommendations about how to eliminate chronic dryness in this post here, but I realised that I could have focused a bit more on the LOC method.

The LOC method was created and coined by another famous naturalista known as @blackonyx on YouTube and Instagram. This young lady used to make her videos in her small little bathroom years ago and now, Rochelle is the CEO of the very successful brand Alikay Naturals!

Back in the day, Rochelle wanted to find a way to solve her dry hair issues and in her research, she discovered a way to layer her products that would give her maximum moisture retention. She shared her discovery with her audience who had the same problems she faced with dryness.

In order to remember how she layered the products she used the acronym L – Liquid, O – Oil, C- Cream and that my friends is how the LOC method was born.

Watch her describe it below (4 years ago)

1. It absolutely works

If you are experiencing dry hair at any point during the week, if you do this method it will moisturize your hair to the point of perfection.

2. Be very deliberate with your application

If you are a lazy natural you might be tempted to just slap on your product all over your head without sectioning your hair first. My advice, section your hair then work with each section applying your products liberally to each section.

I spray each section with plain old water first to get my hair ready for my product application, so my hair gets a double dose of liquid.

3. Pick the right products

This is really is a matter of preference but this is my line up:

For the liquid, I use plain water and  As I Am Leave In Conditioner
as i am leave in conditioner

I really love this leave in, honestly, it is one of the best out there and just what I have been rocking with lately. Any leave in will do as your liquid option, but I prefer one that has a bit of a base to it after I spray the water in my hair.

For my Oil – Olive oil or whatever healthy oil is in my pantry that is all natural and very healthy for may hair.

For my cream – As I Am Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer
Double butter cream

This product is very rich but super creamy and is a staple in my home because my hubby uses it religiously. I love how creamy it is so it is the perfect cream option.

If you have very fine hair these products used in this order might be a bit heavy for your hair. My hair is fine but very dense so after many tries of finding the perfect LOC method combo, this is what I came up with.

The LOC method is the ultimate dry hair eliminator especially for mid-week styling so it isn’t about the method so much as it is about finding a perfect combination for you.

Aaliyah said if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again so keep trying until you get it right.

Featured image:@Geraldinethegreat


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