Try Milk Of Magnesia For A Long Lasting Matte Finish Even During The Summer


Getting a matte face in even the hottest and humid weather is definitely possible. It doesn’t take a hard to find a primer or a finely milled powder, as a matter of fact what you need is a quick visit to your local drugstore for Milk of Magnesia.

You can use Milk of Magnesia as a makeup primer and it will keep your face super matte! The other night I went out with my cousin, and I couldn’t believe that her makeup was still completely flawless after a full day of shopping and a long night of bar hopping while my face was an oily mess.

On the cab ride home, I asked her when did she have time to freshen her makeup between drinks, and she said she didn’t- she used milk of magnesia.

I couldn’t believe what she was saying, a laxative as a makeup primer? However, the following day I bought some, tried it, and now it is a staple in my makeup counter especially on special occasions.

After applying my moisturizer, I shook the bottle, then poured a small amount into the plastic cap that came with the bottle. Then, I use a makeup foundation brush to apply the product to areas of my face that are prone to getting oily.

I allowed it to dry, and absorb into my skin then sprayed primer on top of it, before applying foundation. Using Milk of Magnesia has dramatically cut down on shine for me much more so than any primer, oil absorbing product or powder ever has in the past. I no longer need to re-powder my t-zone my face stays matte all day long.

Now I have to note that Milk of Magnesia, while it is amazing is not recommended for everyday use because over time it may affect your skin by drying it out way too much.  Have you tried Milk of Magnesia in your beauty regimen yet?



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