Try The As I Am Naturally Henna Treatment For Color And Superb Conditioning


The other day in a random group chat my cousin, her friend and I was having a discussion about coloring natural hair and henna came up as a viable option because of its conditioning properties.

I have always been an avid henna pusher because of its all natural benefits and added to that it does give your hair an awesome red tint that looks amazing if you happen to love that rich red color.

When As I Am introduced their Henna Happiness Enriched Henna Powder I was thrilled because not only is it a great protein rich treatment but they added Sunflower Seed Oil, Clove Leaf Oil to their ingredients which ups the ante on their henna product.

As you will find out from this post henna acts like a protein treatment and the added oils adds to the conditioning process since the powder can get drying if used often and not used properly.

Why henna?

I have written about henna for years because I am that natural with super duper fine strands that constantly needs protein to remain strong and healthy.

I wanted more options than the typical protein conditioner and early into my natural hair journey I explored Ayurvedic methods for caring for my hair that would give me protein as well as superb conditioning.

As a matter of fact if you are trying to improve your healthy hair practices I would suggest adding a bit of Ayurveda to your own regimen and henna is a great place to start.


Adds a subtle reddish brown highlight to hair
Moisturizes and promotes a natural shine
Helps smooth hair and aids detangling
Stronger strands/less breakage
Balance hair porosity
Thickens hair

How to use Henna


I prefer to mix my henna with conditioner for deep conditioning instead of the longer process of mixing henna which can be a bit time consuming.

All you have to do for a henna gloss is mix the powder with your favorite As I am Conditioner like the Hello Hydration or the Detangling Conditioner. Follow the instructions carefully on the product box and apply the mix to your dry hair thoroughly. Don a plastic cap and leave on your hair for at least 30 minutes.

After your time is up, wash your hair with your As I Am Clarity shampoo then condition as normal!

How henna works on your hair

Henna is amazing because the particles from the powder stick to the hair strand and create a layer on the strand which will remain there even after washing a few times.

The powder acts like a sealant to repair damage to the hair strand where there might be potential breakage or stripping. This is why we say it behaves like a protein treatment because protein also attaches itself to the hair strand patching up areas that need repair. Henna strengthens the strand adding shine to the hair and of course, that signature red tint that henna is known for.

The one thing I will warn you about is if your hair is protein sensitive or low porosity be careful about how many times you do the treatment. Everyone needs protein but not everyone can do a protein treatment every single week!

Other tips you should know when purchasing the As I Am Henna

1. Henna is a natural organic ingredient that has been used for centuries to add highlights and to improve hair’s condition and shine.

2. First-time users should read and follow the product’s instructions carefully to avoid potential problems.

3. Selecting and using shine and color enhancing products work best with a proven cleansing and conditioning regimen.

4. You must also avoid practices that rob your hair of moisture, such as cleansing with harsh shampoos, exposing your hair to extreme sunlight, wind and frigidly cold weather conditions.

5. Take your time and properly mix the Henna for even coverage onto your hair

6. Don’t combine the natural color benefits of Henna with artificial chemical dyes and color.

If you love henna and want to try the As I Am Henna, click here!

This post is sponsored by As I Am Naturally, all opinions are my own



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