Try One of These Super Cute and Colorful Faux Loc Styles For A Fresh Look This Spring


By now we all know that Spring is the season of fresh starts.

We clean out the closets, recommit to our resolutions for the year, and we even get a chance to bring a little more color in our lives than we had in the winter months.

In fact, there’s no way you can really talk about Spring without bringing up the floral patterns and bright colors that dominate the season’s trends year after year. 

Typically spring trends encourage you to go with a brighter lipstick color or throw some fun and fresh patterns into your wardrobe.

But this year, why not take the spirit of Springtime and express it through a cute, updated hairstyle?

Some colorful faux locs might actually be just what you need to pull this off!

Faux locs are a great option for the new season because Spring is known to swing from sunny days to rainy days and back to sunny again, so faux locs ensure that your hair stays protected through all the changes.

Plus, faux locs are relatively versatile and low maintenance.

You can get them in every style from butterfly to goddess to short and jumbo—all of them are trendy and easy to do! 

Need a little inspiration? Here are 10 colorful and creative faux locs styles you might want to try this Spring.



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