There was a time in my life when you could not get me to taste a spoonful of your coffee much less drink an entire cup before my day started.

These days things are much different, I think I am addicted ya’ll! *hangs head*, and after years of resistance I love a great cup especially on the days I need to be sharp.

Now even though I have come to appreciate coffee as a flavorful and energizing beverage I have always known that it provided a lot of benefits when it is applied on your skin and I am proud to say that it has done wonders for mine.

When it is used as an ingredient in body scrubs, coffee can soften and tighten your skin, as well as reduce stretch marks, cellulite, acne, and other types of undesirable skin conditions.

A study published in the Annals of Dermatology revealed that a cream that contained 3.5-percent caffeine was effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite and giving your skin that youthful healthy glow we like to maintain as we age.

Here is a guide on how to use a coffee body scrub properly.

Tips for Using Coffee Body Scrub

Make Sure Your Hair is Pulled Up

While you are using a coffee body scrub, you should make a point to keep your hair up throughout the entire process. The coffee grounds can easily get stuck in your hair and end up on your pillows and bed linens when you go to sleep. To get the full benefits of a coffee body scrub, it is recommended that you use an all natural DIY shampoo.

Use a Mirror

Keep a mirror handy near your bathtub or shower area so that you can use it when you are scrubbing your face. A mirror helps you see exactly where you are scrubbing on your face so that the coffee grounds will not get into your eyes and mouth.

Do Not Step Out of the Bathtub

Things can get messy if you walk out of the bathtub or shower area with coffee body scrub all over your body. Stay in the bathtub or shower until all the coffee grounds are washed off. Otherwise, you will have to clean your bathroom floor afterward.

Keep Your Towels and Clothes a Safe Distance Away

Even if you are using a high quality coffee body scrub, it can leak color when it is combined with water. If it gets on your towel or clothes, it will leave stains on them. So, make sure your towel or clothes are far away when you are using a coffee body scrub.

Spend More Time Scrubbing Your Hands and Feet

Your hands and feet are the parts of your body that get the most beating, and therefore, you should spend more time scrubbing them. If your feet need extra care, use a pedicure block when you are scrubbing your calluses.

Scrub Before You Go to Bed

If you are using coffee body scrub correctly, your skin will turn red from the scrubbing. The redness will be more pronounced on fair skin. It is not a good idea to go out or entertain friends after scrubbing.

If you have not started using a coffee body scrub, you should give it a try. The tips above will help you get the most out of a coffee body scrub and minimize the trouble that results from improper usage.

Want to make your own? Watch below:

Question? – How do you take your coffee? – Me? — black!

Lead photo – @naturalharrebel


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