Women Are Using Vicks Vapor Rub As A Hair Growth Treatment And Claiming Success


I have been natural since 2008 and in all my years of caring for my own hair and writing about the ups and downs of natural hair care, I have never heard of anyone using Vicks vapor rub on their natural hair until now.

We have had a few strange things that women swear by for hair growth including the infamous Monistat Vaginal cream which we have debated to death; As well as a variety of hair products and creams that have claimed to give increased and fast hair growth with a number of side effects.

To add to that list, recently, I have been seeing videos on youtube with women trying Vicks Vapor rub on their hair and scalp for faster hair growth. When I did a quick search it seemed like the trend has been around for years but was recently popularised on youtube by one YouTuber who used it on her daughter’s hair to increase her hair growth.

She has 5 videos on the topic, and I will allow you to search for them yourself but here is a FAQ video she did recently where she talks about using the cough suppressant on the scalp:


My thoughts

One of the active ingredients in Vicks Vapor rub is Camphor and when used topically increases local blood flow which might be the reason you may see some growth. Vicks also contains Menthol and Eucalyptus oil which when used topically can also increase blood flow to the areas applied and create growth acceleration.

In addition to that, you will also see warnings that state not to apply camphor to broken skin because it can enter the body quickly and reach concentrations that are high enough to cause poisoning. Vicks also contains petroleum which is still used in the natural hair community by some while others avoid it like the plague.

Now that we have that out of the way, to be fair I have never been a supporter of quick fixes for hair growth especially with products that may have some side effects because they are designed for other uses.

I truly believe that hair growth it is a very natural process driven by your overall health and genetics. Vitamins, healthy proteins, fats, exercise are all safe and natural components that are directly related to the growth of your hair.

In addition to that, there are way too many natural oils that are extracted from natural sources that can be used as part of a healthy hair growth regimen.

I personally would not use Vicks on my scalp nor would I suggest that you do, instead, make a potent hair growth oil mix for yourself and use that to help with hair growth if you are really focused on seeing results. If you need a recipe click here!

Would you use Vicks Vapor Rub on your scalp? Comment below!


  1. If y’all don’t just go out and buy some damn eucalyptus oil that’s the active ingredient. Since the oil is so “tingly,” it opens the pores and stimulates the scalp. Y’all don’t have to use petroleum on your scalp just to get that effect (since petroleum clogs your pores anyways). Just get some coconut oil and mix some eucalyptus oil in there, apply to your scalp, and voila. Same results, but you don’t have to wash this out after a certain amount of time.

  2. I just started using this for about 3 weeks now. I will say that it DOES make your hair grow fast. I only use it at night around my nape/edges. It sorta reminds me of “DR. MIRACLES”! I also use “WILD HAIR GROWTH” during the day under my cornrows. I’ve been evaluating what would grow it faster….so far the VICKS is winning.

  3. if you tried this let’s say back in the days. when the stuff was pure. I would say yes try it. but now a days no. but I would go to the co-op and get the oil and mix it up and use it that way.

  4. I am tired of these slave remedies disguised as mother wit wisdom. Everything on the internet isn’t correct. Sometimes it’s just somebody typing info somewhere. A good way to grow hair? Stop obsessing over every inch, good nutrition and increased water intake. And find out how to use essential oils correctly, otherwise you will be bald!

  5. foolish or not; I started using it after reviewing a few you tube videos about 46 days ago and have seen hair growth in that short aount of time . (I am using the Kids Vicks since that is the only thing I had). I am on insulin and high blood pressure medication which has affected my hair growth, so I was a little thirsty and willing to try anything). I really began seeing results when I put the vicks on my freshly washed hair and my plastic cap overnight. I usually let the viks stay in overnight and wash out in the morning. I can’t wait to see what happens in 3 months.

    • If you use oil in your hair, just mix mentholated oils with it; eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint… You’ll get the same results without the toxins. I use Jamaican black castor oil and add tea tree, Rosemary and peppermint oils with it. I’ve had clients go from ear length to bra strap.

    • thank you Teresa Vasquez! I have been using JBCO and Tea tree oil and saw minimal growth; but this vicks really is growing my hair out — i just don’t like the heaviness of the petrolum jelly. I’m going to order those oils today!

  6. This is just another fad that will come and go in a few months. Then you will see some hair company will use this in their ingredients which will target black women. Which will make them money. This is one of the dumbest thing yet. I guess next time everybody will start putting gasoline on their scalp to open their pores

  7. I don’t understand why people are quick to dismiss it. You can put it on your feet, your chest, your top lip, and your temples. But putting it on your scalp is absurd You cook your food in coconut oil and EVOO, but it’s okay to put that in your hair. I understand that Vicks has petroleum jelly, but so does hair grease and people use that. Vicks has a loud smell just as tea tree oil.

    Not to say that I use it, but I’m not quick to dismiss it either. Just baffles me. To each is own.


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