[Watch] Beyonce Sing A Reimagined Version Of The Song “Moon River” For The Tiffany And Co “ABOUT LOVE” Campaign


Tiffany And Co shared the film portion to their About Love Campaign with Beyonce and JayZ.

They shared a snip of what the film was about, saying:

Our ABOUT LOVE campaign film features reimagined vocals of the classic song “Moon River” by @Beyonce captured by #JAYZ on a Super 8 camera.

Sharing this still picture of Beyonce at the Piano:

The full rendition of the song pictures Jay Z seemingly typing on an old school-typewriter, waiting for his love Beyonce to come back from a trip.

There are clips of him watching Beyonce on film, and then snips of him filming her at the piano.

From the video, you will see clear visuals of the Tiffany & Co jewelry including the controversial Blood Diamond.

Watch below:

Behind the scenes:

Twitter appreciated the beauty of the song, sharing how much they loved Beyoncé singing it.



As we have reported in this post and this one, this campaign has been a huge source of controversy, starting major arguments online about the history surrounding the Tiffany diamond and the Basquiat Painting hanging on the wall.

According to a source, Beyonce is said to be ‘disappointed and angry’ at unknowingly modeling a ‘blood diamond’ in her new Tiffany & Co. campaign after facing furious online backlash.

The song is beautiful, however, Beyonce has not shared the clip to her social media… yet


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