Watch This Beauty Influencer Demonstrate How To Draw Baby Hairs When You Don’t Have Any

Sara Revuelta

Recently a post by beauty guru and influencer Sara Revuelta went viral because she demonstrated how to draw your baby hairs if you do not have any using a product from Huda Beauty. Now y’all when I first saw her post all I could say was “no”, everything about it was wrong in my mind.

Watch below:

Now that you have seen it, did you think the same thing I did. If I were to play devils advocate, to be fair some of us cannot judge Sara here too too hard because we draw in a few things on our faces all the time. … right?

Ok are right this is not like filling in eyebrows so if we were to be slightly judgmental, the level of detail in these edges is kinda sorta weird! Comment below and let me know about what you think about artsy edges?


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