We Love Azealia Banks’ New Pixie Cut!


Remember gack in 2020 when Azealia Banks shaved her head bald in an effort to ‘feel free again’.?


Well during that time she said she was having a Brittany Spears moment.

It’s bout to give i feel like Britney b**** on some 2007 s*** imma shave my head b**** just to feel fresh again. Oh my god b****** i feel so f****** fresh and free.

“Feel fresh again”.

You see this scalp burn from f****** relaxing my hair? No b**** i’m just gonna be bald underneath these wigs until the end of coronavirus and then imma just f****** grow my hair back in…

But yeah b**** I feel free… I feel like years of karma and years of energy just came off. Like Whew that was cleansing b****.

Well, she has come a long way from bald, debuting a super cute pixie cut over the weekend.

Check out the angles:

Cute right?

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