3 Hair Care Priorities You Must Consider As We Enter The Fall And Winter Season


Did you feel it? The cold weather officially made it’s debut and even though I absolutely love Summer, Fall weather is the business, not too cold and not too hot, just perfect.

With Fall weather many of us start to think about the Winter months and what is on the horizon for our hair. Dry cold air can be very harsh on our strands and so our goal is to keep our hair moisturized as much as we can and as protected as we can.

With that said we have to take a critical look at our products and rearrange some things. You need to swap out light oils and butters for heavier formulations.

You need to grab products that have humectants that attract moisture to the strands and you want to use styling creams that do not dry out your hair but protects it as you start to enjoy your protective styles.

The As I Am brand has many of the products within its line that I like to use during the Fall and the Winter months because the ingredients are so rich and my hair needs solid reliable products to withstand the cold.

In this post I want to focus on our top 3 priorities for hair care for the rest of the year and the products you will need to accomplish them. Your three priorities are 1. Deep Conditioning 2. Moisturizing and 3. Protective Styling!


Obviously cleansing and conditioning your hair is very important however for long lasting moisture you must deep condition your hair weekly. Use deep conditioners that are rich in humectants and oils for best results.

Humectants are binding ingredients that attract moisture particles from the air and literally attaches them to your strands in simple terms. When you deep condition using products that contain, honey, sugar cane, shea butter, vitamin E and glycerin you are already on the right track for long lasting moisture.

The Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner from the As I Am line is one of my favorite deep conditioners for fall because it is a rich formula and gives me everything my hair needs to stand up to dry air.

The conditioner is a rich penetrating conditioner and has an exceptional array of extracts including coconut, sugar cane, green tea, apple and lemon, shea butter and Vitamine E.


You will hear a lot of rhetoric surrounding the LOC method regardless of where you get your advice from about dry hair. The LOC method is an acronym that means Liquid, Oil, Cream and it is by far the best way to moisturize your hair during the colder months.

Choose your liquid wisely, water is good enough, but a leave in conditioner can be even better because again it is about the additional beneficial ingredients that your chosen leave in has in it.

Grab your As I Am leave in conditioner apply it to sections of your hair, use an oil of your choice and use it over the leave in, and then add a very rich cream like the Double Butter Cream as your final layer to the section.


If you have been protective styling all Summer long, do not stop now! You want to ensure that the ends of your hair are tucked away either in twists, updo’s, buns or whatever your chosen protective style.

If you are like me and you use your own hair to do your protective style then try to avoid stylers that are drying to your strands. Pick a styler that reduces frizz, gives your hair a light hold but helps to keep your priorities in tact for the Winter.

CocoShea Whip Ultra Light Hydrating & Styling Cream is a great choice for long-term twists and one of my ultimate favorites is the Twist Defining Cream which is also rich in humectants and perfect for Fall and Winter.

Now that you have your priorities in order for this Winter season you are guaranteed to maintain healthy hair goals and with great ingredients healthy hair growth as well.

What does your Fall hair plan look like? Comment below!



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