3 Wellness Apps To Keep You In-Tune With Your Mind, Body, And Soul


Wellness apps are actually one of the biggest saving graces we have when it comes to staying healthy. When the convenience of technology meets personal-development and purpose, it creates a space for us to align our mind, body, and soul with just a press of a button.

This way, we are never too busy to check in with ourselves and make sure we are all good to go. Need a quick mental, physical, or emotional check-up? Here are 3 wellness apps that got you covered.

Flo: Feminine Health
Wellness apps

Flo is the perfect app for all of your feminine health needs. At the core, it’s a menstrual cycle tracker but also doubles as a fertility and ovulation calculator for women who are planning a family as well as those of us who just want to be on the safe side.

The cool thing about Flo is that it allows you to document your moods, sleep patterns, and habits in order to see how it is positively or negatively impacting your cycle.

It comes with trustworthy, informational articles that offer tips and advice on everything from how to effectively deal with difficult period symptoms to mental health. There’s also an extremely helpful community where women of all backgrounds discuss both the serious, funny and downright cringe-worthy parts of womanhood.

Shine: Calm Anxiety & Sleep

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Shine is an app that aims to make self-care easy. At the foundation, its goal is to get you to prioritize your mental health while also giving you a support system to help you get through the difficult or confusing parts of doing so.

It offers daily meditations, motivational messages, self-care programs, stories designed to help you sleep, and a virtual community to reassure you that you aren’t the only one on a journey.

Shine is a really good app for making sure you check-in with yourself every day and does what you need to do to combat issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress. It not only gives you an outlet to express yourself but offers solutions and a chance to reflect as well.

ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations

wellness apps

Whether you want to boost your confidence before you walk into a job interview, jumpstart your weight-loss journey on a good note, or simply express how grateful you are, ThinkUp has an affirmation for you.

The way it works is simple, all you have to do is add the affirmations you want to your list, record yourself reciting the affirmations you picked, pair it with background music that comes with the app, and then play it back to yourself when you need the positivity.

ThinkUp is great for those of us who struggle with a chaotic mind at night or negative beliefs during the day because it helps you step into a place of positivity that was perfectly and thoughtfully constructed by you.

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