30 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair You Can Try


It can be hard sometimes to find new ways to switch up your look especially if you have short natural hair.

If you feel restricted and you want ideas for your short natural hair we have 30 of them you can look through below. 

Disclaimer! Some of the styles may require a trip to the barbershop so if you plan to wear your short natural hair for a while then you have room to truly experiment with designs and undercuts.

Here are 30 hairstyles for your short natural hair you can try:

1. High Puff
Quick and easy hairstyle. You need a hair tie or stretchy headband to tie your hair all together on top of your head to create a big puff. You can make it as big and small as you want and don’t forget to slick down those baby hairs.

Another version:


2. Crisscross Side Part
Show off your short, defined curls with a crisscross side part. Separate your hair into a side part with small boxes, crisscross the parts, and secure them with small rubber bands. Leave the rest of your hair out to show your defined curls.

3. Pigtail Buns


For a fun go-to hairstyle create pigtail buns. It’s a super cute and trendy hairstyle with two buns on each side secured with a hair tie. You can even add some bangs, just like Hayzel did in the above picture.

4. Puff with two twists

If you don’t want to do a plain puff. Leave some of your hair out in the front and create two twists to accent your face and tie the rest of your hair up. Need a visual?

Watch below:

5. Wash n’ Go


Show off your beautiful, natural curls by grabbing your favorite products and styling your hair as usual and now you can showcase your defined curls in its natural state. Learn how to wash and go here.

6. Slick down with a side part
Grab your favorite brush and gel and slick your hair down according to the look you are going for. Allow the hair to completely dry using drying sheets on the front so that your hair can maintain its shape.

How to do it:


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7. Finger Waves
Bringing back the roaring 20s with the popular trend of finger waves. An elegant and sleek look with S-shaped waves throughout out bringing emphasize to your beautiful face. Perfect for shorter hair. Read more here.

8. Undercut Haircut

If you would like a more edgy and different look. An undercut is a clean hairstyle you a make unique with designs while showing off your curls. It is great because you can choose any design you would like for your undercut. Need some ideas? You have to check out this post. 

9. Braided Faux Mohawk

A new hairstyle to try is a faux Mohawk. You want to try a daring Mohawk, but want it to be temporary.

Braid up both sides of your hair up, leaving hair at the top to create a fun faux Mohawk look.

10. Half up Half Down Double Buns


Skip the traditional half up half down and try splitting your hair in three with the majority of your hair left out in the back. Split the front into double buns and voila!

11. Sleeked Slide part


A quick and classy hairdo. Create a deep side part and sleek down your hair with your favorite gel or pomade into a stylish bun,

12. Puff with Bangs
My favorite go-to hairstyle is a huge puff with some bangs. Leave some of your hair out in the front to create bangs and tie the rest up into a puff.

Watch below:

13. Side-Part Crown Braid with Pony

Create a deep side part and braid the front part of your hair into a ponytail.

14. Criss Cross Braided Puff
Want to create something cute with the front of your short hair? Try this Criss Cross braided puff style perfect for the weekend or a day date.

15. Sleek Bun
If you don’t want your hair in your face. Grab your favorite gel and slick all your hair into a bun. Add your favorite headband on top of style.

16. Pigtail Buns
Create a fun hairstyle with two pigtail buns.

17. Low Puff/Ponytail
A low puff is perfect when you want a cute do, but don’t have too much time on your hands. Gather all your hair and sleek it back into a low ponytail or puff.

Watch below:

18. Easy low bun with two-strand twists
If you don’t want to wear a plain bun. Create two twists in the front of your hair to add style and pull your hair back into a bun.

19. Crisscross Braid Puff
Create a unique crisscross design on the top of your head with rubber bands and gel and put the rest of your hair into a curly puff.

20. Head Band with Afro


Have a 3-day old wash and go? Throw on a cute headband and spray a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner to revive your curls and there you have a cute hairstyle.

21. Crown Braid
Looking for a formal hairstyle that is also a protective hairstyle?

Braid a cornrow braid around the crown of your whole head. When you get to the back, tuck in the remaining braid to emulate a faux braided crown. More looks from Gabriel Union rocking this styler here.

22. Small twists

short natural hair small twist

23. Shingling

short natural hair

How to do it:


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24. Frohawk with shaved sides

blonde short natural hair

The back:

fro hawk short natural hair

25. Finger Coils

Finger coils are simply a style that defines your curls by creating a coil using your fingers and your favorite styling product. The product can be a foam or a curly custard.


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Another version:

short natural hair styles

26. A really good press
If you want to do a quick length check or switch things us, you can get a chemical-free press. A press cost between $45 and $75 at the salon or you can do it yourself at home.

30 styles for short natural hair

How to silk press your natural hair at home:

4 More styles you should try with visuals:

Bantu Knots and a Bantu Knot out:

For more inspo click here.

A simple braid out

Flat twists

This version will require some string, but it’s very cute! Watch:


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Simple cornrows

Final thoughts on short natural hair

Have fun with it, we could have easily shared 50 to 100 styles because the options are endless, do not get discouraged by hair lenght. Comment below and let us know what your signature style is for your short natural hair!

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