Grown Woman Glo Up: 4 Tips To Leveling Up In All Areas Of Life

Grown Woman Glo Up

The “grown woman glo up” is something we all have to go through in life, and probably a few times, if we’re being honest. Getting our money up, leaving those friends we don’t really click with anymore, committing to living healthier—it’s all a part of the process. 

And given that we’ve collectively been through some difficult and tiresome times the last couple of years, it’s the right time for us to take inventory of our lives and finally give ourselves the upgrade we desperately want and need.

If you’re having some trouble figuring out how and where to start, don’t worry—we got you covered. Here are 4 tips to leveling up and in all areas of life, and achieving that grown woman glo up you deserve. 

Get serious about your daily routine. 

glo up daily routine

Goals without action are just wishes. Period. If you don’t put any effort into the things you want to achieve, then you’ll never cultivate the life you wish to live. And so, creating a routine that’ll help you stay on track with your goals is a major key in accomplishing them. 

You don’t have to build up a routine that is rigorous, either. In truth, it’s likely your best bet to keep it simple and flexible so that you can dedicate time to goals, self-care, and any curveballs life might throw you without feeling burdened or overwhelmed. 

A few examples of how to grow into your daily routine in a more productive, disciplined, and easy-to-manage way:

  • Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to doing research or work that’ll help you accomplish your most important goal. 
  • Start the day off with healthy self-care habits like working out or journaling so that can’t find excuses as to why you can’t do them later. 
  • Start your own support group or join a pre-existing one that’ll help you stay focused and accountable for your choices. 
  • Develop a small-goals reward system that allows you to reward yourself every time you accomplish a small goal. 

There are a number of things you can do to stay focused. But no matter how much thinking and planning you do, remember that nothing beats dedicated time and effort. 

Reassess your goals—have you grown out of them?

While we’re on the subject of goals, now would be a good time to do a quick check in with yourself, and ask: “Do my current goals and needs still align with who I am as a woman or have I outgrown them?”

Often times when we make goals, we keep them for months and years on end, not even realizing that those aspirations align with a version of us that no longer exists. That’s why it’s important for us to update what we’re striving for, so that we’re not chasing something that is empty and unfulfilling. 

In order to properly assess yourself and what your growing toward, start by pondering the answers to these questions: 

  • What is my vision for my life and are my current goals enough to get me there? 
  • What is my definition of happiness?
  • Would accomplishing this thing still make me happy? 

Once you have the answers to these questions, you’ll have a clear idea of what goals can stay and which ones need to be updated or completely eradicated. 

Change your attitude toward money, then your habits. 

All of us seem to have the same goal in common: make more money. And it’s definitely not a coincidence. Money is not the root of our happiness, but it’s a resource that helps us create and obtain all of the things that can make us happy, healthy, and whole. 

One thing we do have to realize is that there’s no way to make more money if the way we feel, think, and speak about money is inherently negative. Spending too much, being greedy or stingy, believing you’ll always be broke— all poor attitudes around money.

Here’s are some things to think about when developing new attitudes and habits around your personal finances:

  • Practice an attitude of gratitude. Whenever you’re able to pay your monthly bills without worry, be thankful— even if you have less money than you’d like left over. This means you at least have enough to meet your basic needs and you’ll be able to make more. 
  • Don’t lend money you can’t afford to get back. Instead of getting upset about not being paid back for money you let someone borrow, consider creating a “borrow limit” or simply refrain from lending. 
  • Focus on cutting costs as much as you focus on increasing income. A solid budget goes a long way when trying to reach financial goals. 
  • If you plan on making money via your own skills, consider growing them into something of higher value by furthering your education. It doesn’t have to be a degree. In fact, certifications are cost-effective and sometimes free.

Change your mindset and then change the game. 

Time to cut out the toxicity—even your own.

A lot of times when we talk about toxicity, we talk about everything but ourselves. That stressful work environment we’re trying to escape; those friends who did us dirty; and even romantic situations that we have no business being a part of in the first place. 

But what about our own toxic behavior? And don’t even bother lying to yourself by saying “I don’t have any!” because we all struggle with it at one point or another.

The truth is, we’re so worried about protecting ourselves from others, that sometimes we don’t realize that we have to protect us from, well, us. And growth is realizing that.

Some examples of toxic behavior that you might not notice:

  • Failing to create appropriate boundaries with others and then being upset when they mistreat or misunderstand you. 
  • Being passive-aggressive and indirect with communication instead of saying how you truly feel and what you truly want. 
  • Pinpointing things that others need to fix, while also not putting forth the best effort to work on yourself.

Cutting out toxicity—much like the other tips listed—requires effort if you truly want to grown into the woman of your dreams. So come on girl, it’s time to put in work and achieve your glo up. 


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