7 Self-Care Lessons Our Moms Have Taught Us Over the Years That Keep Us Happy, Healthy, and Empowered


We don’t know about you, but it’s hard to think of anyone who’s influenced every aspect of our lives, like our moms.

Mothers dedicate their lives to keeping their families happy, healthy, and safe, selflessness that we can’t equate or express how much it means to us. And the lessons they’ve taught us over the years have stuck with us.

They’ve sat down and advised us on high school relationships. We’ve seen them grow, succeed and even fail and observed them go through the most humanly devastating times and come out victorious and joyous at the end.

They’ve given us the cheat sheet on how to handle toxic situations, embrace our individuality, and how to stay confident when things are crumbling.

These exemplary women have even taken time off their busy schedules to teach us how to apply lipstick, make dinner for ten people, or navigate crowded shopping malls.

They’ve even taught us how best to treat and care for our bodies, minds, and souls and introduced us to self-care practices like yoga, meditation, and kombucha.

So, in that spirit, and as Mother’s Day approaches, we thought it would be delightful to recognize our moms by rounding up some of their lessons about selfcare.

Scroll down to check some of the most significant.

Find Security in Your Identity As A Woman, Not Your Man’s Significant Other

One of the most important lessons our moms taught us as girls is to stay true to yourself and your ever-evolving identity as a woman.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should steer off men altogether – just that you shouldn’t minimize your goals or give up on your personal/financial goals to satisfy any man in your life.

They also taught us to enjoy having a separate life from our families or relationships. So, if there’s a girl’s trip, go.

If you need some time alone, make the time. You’re an individual before you’re a girlfriend, wife, mother, or employee.

Forgive Yourself for Mistakes Made

We all make stupid mistakes at one time or another.

You can spend too much cash on a weekend, take out a loan you didn’t need, trust the wrong person, snap at your friend, or burn food during a family cookout.

These things happen, and you’re human.

You’re not required to be perfect – so forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes. If you let these moments define your life, you might not make progress.

Invest in Your Skin

Black moms taught us about skincare.

The first thing people notice when they meet you is your skin. So, why wouldn’t you want to care for it? Yes, people say a home, car, or Bitcoin is your most significant investment, but think about it – you only get one skin in life, making it your most vital asset.

  • The skin is the largest organ, so you need to give it some TLC. It faces issues such as pollution, harsh abrasions, and UV light, so it would seem silly not to care for it with a consistent skincare routine
  • Your future self will thank you
  • When you look good, you exude boss bitch energy
  • It helps you save on your coins in the long haul
  • It might help avert skin cancer

Always Create A ‘ Yay’ List

Another important selfcare lesson moms teach (and perhaps isn’t taught enough!) their kids is writing down all the small wins or things that make you happy throughout the day. 

Things like finding a $100 bill in your pocket, getting a surprise call from your favorite cousin, or discovering a new cocktail joint. Doing this helps you recognize the tiny pleasures of life rather than always focusing on the bad.

Laugh Out Loud– Life is Short

We’ve heard most people say that their mums love to laugh or smile –those capture-worthy, hearty smiles and laughs.

And while life has become a bit unbearable lately, sometimes it’s good to have a hearty laugh with friends or watch a rib-cracking show like Big Mouth or SNL.

Moreover, research shows that laughter releases endorphins, feel-good hormones, in your brain, which help boost your mood, improve social relationships, and reduce stress and anxiety, which equals the ultimate selfcare.

You can even try blasting your favorite tunes and dancing out your day – mom would approve.

Always Sit Up Straight

We know, we know. This doesn’t sound like a self-care lesson, more like a strict rule, your mom stipulated. However, posture is vital to body care.

If you’re like most people, sitting hunched over your laptop can become a habit, and many don’t realize they’re doing it.

The best way to kick this habit to the curb and look like a queen is by sitting up straight, placing your hand on your thighs, pressing your shoulder blades together, and holding that pose for five seconds.

Doing this repetitively or even three to four times a day can help enhance your posture.

Confront Negativity On Paper

Apart from jotting down the positives, you also have to write down the negatives.

Therefore, write down all the self-doubts and negative self-talk and then counteract with what you believe to be your truth – what you know you’re capable of.

Scribbling down these negatives helps you acknowledge the doubt while not allowing them to overtake the positives.

What other self-care lessons did your mom teach you? Let us know down below.



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