7 Brilliant Ways to Waterproof Your Makeup (Even When It’s Not)


Waterproof makeup is key. And after watching a couple of movies, you probably know this because who wants to get caught out in the rain or fall in the pool with a full face of makeup?

However, life is pretty unpredictable, and at some point, your face might get wet, and you’ll be walking around with streaked makeup and raccoon eyes. It sounds like a nightmare, we know.

Luckily, you don’t have to keep holding back the tears or investing in massive umbrellas to protect your makeup anymore.

With these expert-approved tips, you can comfortably enjoy some cocktails with your girls without having to fix your makeup every ten minutes.

Always Use Primer

If you’re a veteran in makeup application, you probably know to always use primer on your face.

Primer is the product you apply after the moisturizer and sunscreen but before the foundation. It not only makes the application of the other products smoother but also allows it to stay longer.

Therefore, even if you’re running around on a hot, humid day, your makeup won’t start running immediately you walk out the door.

Use a Setting Powder

Setting powder for waterproof makeup

What do you do after applying your foundation? If setting powder didn’t come to your mind, you need to purchase some. It’s practically the queen of waterproof technique. 

Setting powder, just as the name, suggests works to set your foundation in place. It also helps mattify your skin. This is important because having oily skin can also make your makeup start streaking, and we don’t want that.

Finish with A Setting Spray

You know that clear coat they put on your car to protect it from dirt, grime, and water spots? A setting spray does the same job for your makeup.

Now I know using a water-based product to waterproof your makeup sounds counterintuitive but here me out! 

Spritzing it on your face after applying the final product provides an extra film of protection from dirt, humidity, sweat, and an errant water splash that can break down your beat.

The product is also essential if you want to achieve that Instagram-worthy dewy look.

If you want some extra insurance, ensure that you spray a bit before layering your face with foundation.

Layer your Mascara

If raccoon eyes are the bane of your existence, then you really need to consider this tip. Waterproof mascara is like the Little Black Dress of the makeup world: timeless and here to stay. So why not double down on it—literally. 

While layering up in the summer to defeat double heat sounds like a brilliant idea, doing so triggers a lot of rough rubbing and tugging on your eyes, leading to the raccoon eye look.

So, the best way to prevent this is by applying regular mascara first then following it up with a waterproof one. The regular mascara will act as a buffer which allows it to last longer.

Get A Wax Primer

Can you imagine walking around with half an eyebrow because you accidentally wiped it off? Had you just waterproofed them this wouldn’t even be a problem, my girl. 

Considering how much time and concentration it takes to draw the perfectly arched eyebrow, the least you can do is get something to make sure it stays on until you take off your makeup. This is where a wax primer comes in handy.

Apart from keeping your brows in place, a waxy primer also keeps water at bay. However, you need to make sure that you apply it on top of a powder or pencil.

Go the Skin Tint Way

During the hotter, more humid seasons of the year, consider swapping out your powder blush for a stain instead.

Stains (skin tints) do exactly what the word says – they tint your skin, providing it with an extra layer of product. So, when you start running or sweating, these products prevent your makeup from streaking and ruining your beat.

Invest in A Sealant

Not many people know about sealants, but these products will change your makeup application, especially when it’s humid. Talk about a miracle beauty product!

Most sealants come in a liquid form, which you can add to your foundation, mascara, or even highlighter making the products waterproof.

You can also dab some onto your brushes before applying your eyeshadow to boost your wear time.

Have you tried any of these waterproof makeup tips and techniques? Let us know in the comments. 


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