Angela Bassett Launches Skin Care Line for Dark-Skinned Women


In the beauty and makeup market, there are thousands of skin care lines. However, few of them cater specifically to women of color; they are mostly treated as an afterthought. Because of this, Angela wants to shake up the market and give black women what they want with a product line called Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm.

She has teamed up with well-known skin care expert and her own friend and dermatologist, Dr. Barbara Sturm, to launch a line of skin care products that cater exclusively to women with dark complexions. Bassett revealed that she initially had issues with skin care products.

At first, she used Sturm’s original skin care line to treat her irritations and breakouts. However, it did not address the skin issues common with black people, like hyperpigmentation. Because of this, the duo decided to expand the line. After doing research for two years, they finalized “Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm”. It promises to even skin tones, reduce inflammations and to minimize hyperpigmentation and pores.

The product line offers a hyaluronic cream, which helps to retain skin moisture; a foaming cleanser, an enzyme-enriched cleanser, and two face creams, with one of them for extreme dryness. All of these products contain purslane, an herb with powerful anti-aging properties.

The prices are in the realm of other luxury lines. The hyaluronic serum will cost $335 at most while the most affordable product will be the cleanser from around $58.

Bassett is the epitome of the saying “black don’t crack”. After all, she’s 57 years old and looks better than many women half her age. This new product line will hopefully help a lot of women age as gracefully as she has. And, in any case, this is just the kind of product the black community needs; made by someone who clearly knows the issues we go through when our products aren’t really made for us.

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  1. Judging by the prices I’m not to sure Anglea remembers much about the average WOC life. I’m so very happy for her but unfortunately my friends I couldn’t afford to support her but we’d like too Good luck Angela I’m proud of you. ?


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