Shalom Shared Her Burn Survivor Story And It Is Inspiring To Say The Least


When you think about your life you might look at the hard parts and ask the question ‘why me?”. You might even recall a time that was hard for you and think how in the world did you get through that period of time.

The crazy thing is somehow in all of the turmoil and hardships we all find the strength to get through it and the aftermath reveals that we were stronger than we ever thought.

At the same time, you might hear someone else’s story and realize that what you went through is not all that bad because clearly, their situation was harder. The emotions you feel can range from shame to hope to grand inspiration as you compare your life to theirs.

Shalom Blac is a burn survivor, she and her little sister were burned with hot oil when she was just a girl and her sister was just a toddler.

She shared her story on youtube and it has served as an inspiration to so many young women who have been through something or who might be going through something just knowing that there is hope on the other side.

On Instagram, Shalom is known as @makeupbyshalom because she does the dopest makeup tutorials ever– press play:

Shalom is one brave sister and I could not imagine what it was like to tell her story on YouTube and relive her burn experience but she did what she had to do.

Listen to Shalom's story below and the next time you think a situation is hard, remember this little 9 yr old girl and her 2 yr old sister and I am almost positive your attitude about your problem will change.


Shalom started a "share your burn story series and I wanted to share her little sister's story that she posted recently while doing her makeup! check it out below:

Just beautiful!


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