Another Young Black Inventor! 13-Year-Old Girl Invents Period Panty with a Heating Pad

Young Black Inventor
Photo credit: FundBlackFounders

It seems that a new young Black inventor pops up each day, and we are 100% behind that!

Aaliyah is a 13-year-old girl who has just created a product that fills her own needs—which the market somehow hasn’t provided until now.

A Necessary Idea

Young Black Inventor
Image by 3652586 from Pixabay

Aaliyah came up with Awesomeliyou from her need to use a heating pad because of the effects that her menstrual cycle had.

One day during her period, Aaliyah had intense cramps and used a heating pad.

But she had to leave the house with her mom to pick up a relative, forcing her to leave the heating pad at home.

She told her mom that someone should make a leak-proof period panty with a heating pad.

Loving the idea, her mom told Aaliyah to make it.

Making It Happen

Young Black Inventor
Image by Phan Minh Cuong An from Pixabay

The young Black inventor started from scratch.

She made early sketches of how she wanted the heating product to look.

When her mother saw Aaliyah’s seriousness, she connected her to various companies.

Together, they brought the New York-based teenager’s idea to life.

It wasn’t a smooth process, naturally.

But Aaliyah stuck with it.

And with her mom’s support, the teenager now has a problem that solves many women’s issues.

The Young Black Inventor’s Brand

Photo credit: Facebook – Awesomeliyou

Awesomeliyou (or Awesomely You, I reckon) is Aaliyah’s brand.

It gives teens and women products that make their cycle more comfortable.

Through the website, you can buy panties with inbuilt heating pads.

But Awesomeliyou also offers guidance for girls who might be experiencing their first periods.

In the end, Aaliyah’s goal is to give users comfort and peace of mind during their most uncomfortable months.

The teenager has shown her entrepreneurial spirit, so it’s almost sure that she will expand or develop more products in the future.

After all, she has the right mindset and support system.

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