This Deep Conditioning Ritual Will Give You Thicker Healthier Hair


Are you deep conditioning regularly? Much of what we think about hair growth and thicker healthier hair has more to do with mindset and focus than it does with miracle products and solutions.

I recently received one of those conditioning caps to test out, you know the one with all the microbeads and you stick it in the microwave for 45 seconds every time you deep condition?

This one:

The convenience of the cap is what really gets me going because a girl needs to be able to deep condition and do other stuff too and sometimes sitting under a dryer or steamer to get my hair conditioned properly just doesn’t cut it.

Since doing that I have been really focused on ensuring that I get the most out of my deep conditioning sessions paying close attention to every single strand of hair.

Most of us deep condition our hair in 4 quadrants! We slap on the conditioner on all four sections, put it up, and then begin the process, feeling all sorts of accomplished.

no mam!

I used to be the queen of this! The truth is within the middle areas of those sections there was not one drop of conditioner added!

This is how you should deep condition your hair

I call this a deep conditioning ritual because it takes longer than your average application and it also might require that you use half or all of the jar of your favorite product.

Deep condition your hair in very small sections, focus on every single strand making sure the product hits all areas of each section. You want to smooth the product in from root to tip in a downward motion sort of like shingling.

When most of us do wash and goes we often try to define each curl in this way, but somehow the same meticulous focus is out of the window when we deep condition.

The point is, you want to make sure every single strand of hair gets the opportunity to absorb the awesome nutrients you are adding to your hair especially if the product has binding agents like hydrolyzed protein in it. (Hydrolyzed protein penetrate the strand and stick to the areas that are broken and about to split, adding bulk to the strand.)

Once you are satisfied that your hair is fully coated then sit under a steamer or use a deep conditioning cap like the one I mentioned.

Deep Conditioning Benefits overview

1. You will eliminate dryness and find that your moisturized hair lasts longer
2. ALL of your hair will flourish instead of just the outside areas
3. The product especially if it contains hydrolyzed protein will bind to the interior of the strand repairing each one and thickening each one. (This will cause overall thickness)
4. Maintainance month to month gets easier

Deep Conditioning Product recommendations

  1. Mix this up!

Make your own! – Cheap conditioner + one egg + Oil + Honey – Read more about this mix here.

2. Shea Moisture Masque

SheaMoistureJamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Treatment Masque

I am personally still a huge fan of this one, plus you can find it everywhere including Amazon! Retails for about $10.00.

3. Eden Bodyworks Deep conditioner

EDEN BodyWorks JojOba Monoi Deep Conditioner, 16oz

Do not sleep on this one, it retails for about $8.00 depending on the size you get but it is amazing! Comment below if you are already deep conditioning in this way and share how it has benefited you!


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