Its Hairstyle Appreciation Day – Here Are My Top 5 Favorite Styles To Rock

half up half down

We all have our favorite go-to styles that we rock on a daily or weekly basis and because it is Hairstyle Appreciation day, what better way to celebrate than documenting my top 5!

1. The shrunken wash and go


I have a love-hate relationship with shrinkage but these days its mostly love. There is nothing like a cute wash and go with perfect ringlets all over your head. It is the easiest style to do and you do not have to worry about stretching your hair which takes a ton of time.

2. Dutch braids

dutch braids

This one is new for me because this girl probably couldn’t braid some hair if her life depended on it. Recently though I have been able to master two simple cornrows and by golly, it is one of my favorite protective styles.

3. A Top knot bun

top knot

Top knots are convenient chic and great for keeping your hair away from your face and neck on hot days! A definite must add to the list!

4. Half up half down

half up half down

Love love this style on textured hair and on Saturdays when a girl is trying to look cute at the Farmers market this is a cute style. It can transition very well to a lunch date too!

5. An awesome cut


I am all natural and the chances of me getting a dope asymmetrical bob are probably only likely with a weave or wig. Regardless of how you choose to wear it, nobody can deny the power of a perfect bob so without a doubt it had to make the list.

What are your top 5 hairstyles to rock?


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