Make Them POP! 10 Ways To Make Your Eyes Look Super Bright And Refreshed


We won’t bore you with the outdated speech about your eyes being the window to the soul and all.

However, we will say they’re the secret to stunning, and head-turning makeup looks.

So, to learn how to perk up those peepers, here are some clever makeup tips to help make your eyes look stunning AF!

When in Doubt, Ice Up

We don’t know about you, but we can count the number of times we’ve woken up and our eyes stung.

And while the two bottles of Sauvignon Blanc last night or two hours of sleep might be the cause, it’s one of those feelings that kill your morning vibe.

You stare at your reflection, expecting to see a flawless image, only to be greeted by a whole lot of puffiness.

What’s worse, no amount of concealer or highlighter can help you cover up.

So, what do you do? Crawl up under the sheets and detach from the world? No, relax.

According to several aestheticians, all you need is a reliable cooling product and a cool gel eye mask to zap out the puff.

But if you don’t have these stashed away somewhere in your beauty arsenal, have a dig in your freezer, take out the bag of ice, and soothe the sting away.

A Flesh-Toned Eyeliner Brightens Eyes

If you’re looking to reverse the appearance of tired eyes, a matte flesh-toned eyeliner is your best bet.

It works to fake a whole night’s sleep by brightening your eyes in a single swipe.

What’s more, most flesh-toned eyeliners are formulated with ingredients such as aloe vera and Vitamin E, which not only make your eyes pop but also douse your lash lines with healthy nutrients too.

Eyelash Curlers Accentuate Your Eyes

Have you always wished your lashes had a bit more life? Well, you’re not alone.

There’s just something about curling your lashes that gives you some luscious and sexy vibes.

The three-second trick opens up your eyes, makes your lashes appear longer, and ensures they stay in place all day long.

If you don’t own an eyelash curler, you can head to your kitchen again and try the award-worthy DIY trick of curling them with a spoon.

Yes, you read it right—a spoon.

All you have to do is grab one, rinse it with some warm water to heat it, and dry it off. Ensure that it’s not too hot and hold the handle firmly.

Place the warm edge on top of your lashes and your thumb directly below, and lightly clamp by upping the pressure to give your lashes that much-needed lift.

Try Sheer Color for That Instant Pop

If you’re looking to achieve the ‘no-makeup makeup look,’ a cool, neutral eye polish might be your knight in shining armor. It not only offers you a veil of sheer color but also an effortless sun-kissed makeup look.

Give Colored Eyeliner A Go

Colored Liner for Bigger Eyes

If eyeshadow isn’t your cup of tea, it might be time to give other eye makeup products a go.

According to most beauty enthusiasts, a colored eyeliner is a perfect technique to give your eyes an added punch and a vibrant, long-lasting look.

So, rather than going for your regular old black eyeliner, try using a vibrant blue-colored one.

Just like blue-toned lipstick makes your teeth appear whiter, blue liner gives hungover eyes life by brightening the whites of your eye for a radiant, sparkly effect.

Your Under-Eye Areas Deserve Some TLC, Too

When it comes to making your peepers stand out, it’s crucial to remember that your upper eyelids aren’t the only areas you need to focus on.

To form that perfect, runway-worthy rounded lid look, mix your go-to eye brightening serum into your tinted moisturizer or CC cream before slathering it under your eyes.

You’ll thank us later.

Turn On the Light with A Highlighter

Applying a highlighter in three key spots can bring some luminous light to those tired-looking eyes.

All you have to do is tap it on the center of your lids and hook around your tear ducts before you place it below the brows for an instant life.

If you don’t have a highlighter, try using a balm or oil to give your skin a sleek dewy appearance.

Brush Up Your Brows

It might sound like a no-brainer – in any case, this is one of those two-step tricks, but unfortunately, brushing up brows is one of the easiest steps that most of us forget.

What most don’t know is that brushing up brows can change your whole face, plus the shape of your peepers.

So, get yourself a spoolie or a dried-up mascara brush and lightly tease the brows up. It will not only elongate your eye area but also leave you with ample eyelid space.

Lock in Your Lid Look

Like your face makeup, it’s crucial to give your eye makeup an added boost of long-lasting power.

Many beauticians recommend using an under-eye brightening setting powder to help blur and set your under-eye areas for a flawless, Instagram-perfect look.

Try the Doe-Eyed Duo for A Lasting Lash Look

We all know that mascara helps lock in your lash look, but it’s also one of these eye products that can be your BFF or your worst enemy.

So, try the doubling up method to avoid looking like a character out of a horror movie by applying mascara all over.

This typically involves working a brown, waterproof mascara on the lower lashes and a black gloss on the top to form a contrast that you will make your eyes pop, elongate puny lashes, and give you that dramatic, long-lasting lash look.

What are you waiting for? Try these tips, and you’ll be turning heads all year long!



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