Naptural85 Shares Her Secrets On How To Get A Bomb Twist Out On Type 4 Hair


Whitney “Naptural85” White arguably has some of the best twist outs we have ever seen. A long-time natural hair influencer, Naptural has blessed us with plenty of hair tutorials on how to get practically every gorgeous hairstyle we’ve seen her rock over the years. From to-die-for heatless curls to a cute and simple braid out, she has effectively walked us through how to do it all. 

Recently, she posted a video showing us how to do her go-to twist out method. However, this time, she actually let us in on a few of her secrets on how to achieve a bomb twist on type 4 hair while using Melanin Hair Care Products!

Products Used: Melanin Hair Care‘s Twist-Elongating Styling Cream and Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend.


Melanin’s Twist-Elongating Style Cream is meant to moisturize and hydrate dry and thirsty hair. The buildable, lightweight formula is packed with nourishing ingredients like shea butter, mango butter, aloe vera, and jojoba that makes it easy to manage and style your hair without leaving residue, weighing your hair down, or causing shrinkage. It is an ideal option for a soft, defined twist out.

When used in tandem with the styling cream, Melanin’s Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend is also really great for the perfect twist out. Sealing in moisture with a blend of pure oils like sweet almond, sage, baobab, and argan will leave your twist out with a healthy,non-greasy luster and layer of protection.


  1. If you want to maximize the length you’re working with, start off with fresh or day-old blow-dried hair. Freshly washed or days-old blow-dried and stretched hair will leave you with more shrinkage.
  2. If you want both volume and definition, section your hair off in 3 medium-sized sections on each side. You want to make them small enough to achieve definition, but not so small that you lose your volume. Assess your hair length and thickness and determine how many sections will work for you.
  3. If you just moisturized and then blow dry your hair, jump right into oiling and twisting. If it has been a day or so, take some Melanin Hair Care Twist-Elongating Style Cream and work it through each section.
  4. To prevent your hair from reverting back to shrunken curls, rub the moisturizer and/or water between your hands first and then rub it through your hair. This method prevents you from applying too much moisture.
  5. Go over each section with Melanin’s Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend to seal in the moisture. Pay special attention to your ends.naptural85
  6. You can now begin your twists! Naptural85 expressed that she prefers a flat twist because they produce more definition and less frizz. She starts hair section off as a two-strand twist and then goes into a flat twist.
  7. Slowly, firmly, and tightly twist your hair. Remember, the tighter the twist, the more definition.
  8. Don’t be afraid to undo and retwist your hair if it begins to get frizzy. You don’t have to undo the entire twist, just go back to where the frizz started and retwist from there.
  9. Give the ends of your completed twist a nice little coil and spin to ensure that your twists are tight and secure.
  10. When you are done with one twist, wrap it into a bantu knot to make sure it doesn’t unravel. Then move on to your next twist.
  11. Take out one bantu knot at a time, but leave your twists intact. Take your twist and stretch along the back of your head and pin it to the other side. This method will keep your twist neat and comfortable to sleep in.
  12. Cover your head with a satin scarf or bonnet while you sleep so none of your twists unravel or frizz while you sleep.
  13. Slowly and carefully take your twists down to avoid any tangling or frizz. The more you separate, the smaller and more defined the curls in your overall twist out will appear.

If you want to learn how Whitney does her wash and go, click here!


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