Two Summer Hair Growth Secrets You Have To Try

summer hair growth

Summer Hair growth season is quickly approaching and there are all types of tips and tricks we can use to achieve our desired length.

This summer, why not try two of our best-kept summer hair growth secrets: collagen shakes and gelatin! Read about the benefits of both and find out how you can incorporate it into your hair care routine below.

Collagen shakes 

Collagen shakes are made using supplement powders that are similar to the regular protein shakes you drink before or after workouts! In fact, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and contributes to healthy nails, bones, skin, and hair.

Our hair especially benefits from collagen protein shakes because protein consumption works to grow and strengthen our hair from root to tip. Along with reinforcing healthy hair, here are some benefits of collagen shakes:

  • It helps fight damage caused by stress, poor diet, and environmental factors because it acts as an antioxidant.
  • Slows down the graying process.
  • Also benefits skin, nails, and healthy weight loss.

You can make the shake with water, non-dairy milk, and/or blend with other fruit and veggies that contribute to hair health like spinach, berries, chia seeds, walnuts, and avocados.  Super Youth Collagen Powder w/ Peptides and Keto Collagen are some great options for your first time trying collagen protein shakes.


summer hair growth

Gelatin and collagen have similar benefits because gelatin is just the cooked form of collagen. However, they might have the same amino acids, but they have different chemical properties and are used differently.

Now when we say “gelatin”, we’re not talking about our favorite strawberry Jell-o. True gelatin comes in a flavorless powder and dissolves when put into hot water, but solidifies once it cools.

This is why it can both be mixed into your hot tea and consumed, and put into hair conditioners and mask to be applied topically. The benefits of using gelatin for your hair include:

  • Gorgeous shine and softness
  • Strengthens hair strands
  • Encourages healthy and consistent hair growth

Before making the decision to use gelatin, please note that it is not vegan! It is actually an animal byproduct and usually comes from cows or pigs. If you’re looking for a vegan option, try Agar-agar, a natural vegetable gelatin counterpart.

Need help incorporating gelatin into your routine? Try Naptural85’s DIY protein hair mask with gelatin!



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