This New Tool Can Give You A Cute Curly Set With No Heat- The Wet Wand


I am always on the lookout for new and innovative tools and products in the natural hair space and when I saw DearClaire’s mini-tutorial featuring this new product and was intrigued. It is called the Wet Wand and it is a simple tool that you can use to do coils in your hair while your hair is dry.

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The tool was created by Licensed Cosmetologist Michele Nathan who wanted an easy way to style her curls without heat and the use of a bunch of rollers. Read below from the website:

She tried everything…

…rollers that frequently broke and had to be replaced, taking up precious space in her closet – not to mention taking up hours rolling the hair, and then unrolling after lengthy drying time…

…curling irons that damaged the hair with repeated heat styling, giving frizz and poor texture…

…even fingers! She spent up to two hours twisting curls around her fingers to try and get perfect definition.

There was nothing on the market for curly hair that could give the curl control and styling that she wanted.

From the review, you will notice that you need some sort of foam or gel to help the hair keep its shape and this tool is probably great for women with short to medium length hair. (Don’t quote me though, it’s still too soon to tell)

Watch DearClaire’s demo below:

The Wet Wand is patent pending and can be ordered for $99 on their website here.


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