Stylist Puts Client On Blast For Allegedly Scamming Her Out Of $380 – Client Had Payment Reversed After Service Was Rendered


Most stylists these days, tend to take only card payments for services, for many reasons, including it being safer, cleaner for taxes, and much easier from a business perspective.

With that said, we have seen way too many stories of stylists performing a service, and then after payment is made via credit card, the client will dispute the charge with their credit card company.

This results in a chargeback and the client receiving the entire service for free.

@TheManeSavage is a braider out of Atlanta and she performed braid services on a 14 yr old girl at the request of her aunt.

In a video, she shares that she typically only takes clients that are 16 and up but made an exception because the child was very excited about having her braids done for her birthday.

Needless to say, the aunt was not happy with the cost of $380 and wanted a discount. @themanesavage shared that she would not reduce the price and her client paid $380 and left pretty upset as a result.

The following day, the aunt called her credit card company and told them she had no idea what the charge was and asked for it to be removed.

Since then, the stylist shared in an Instagram reel that the niece has blocked her and she is not in contact with the aunt.

Read below:
Since you have no knowledge of the charge, Imma just leave this here then… #reel Gots ta be more careful… I could be recording iiaam.chloee please tell your Aunt she dead tf wrong. And so are you for blocking me.

Watch the video below:


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We are so happy she was recording, we have seen way too many scenarios like this, and it’s sad! We hope she gets her money back!



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