This Is Why Micellar Water is Essential to Your Skincare Routine

This Is Why Micellar Water is Essential to Your Skincare Routine

Ever wondered why Micellar Water is such a big deal? Well, in this post we will share why Micellar Water is essential to your skincare routine. 

Ever since this French beauty staple hit the global market, it’s been impossible to find a skincare enthusiast who hasn’t tucked away a bottle of the game-changing product on her vanity.

However, as with any upcoming trend, popularity doesn’t exclude the skincare staple from improper use and consumer confusion.

Here, we explain what the one-step wonder is and the benefits of adding it to your skincare routine.

What is Micellar Water?

This Is Why Micellar Water is Essential to Your Skincare RoutinePronounced me-sell-air, this skincare formula features tiny micelle molecules that work like miniature sponges to mop up dirt, remove waterproof makeup, and lift excess oils from your skin.

With just a swipe of a cotton ball, micellar water rids your skin of impurities, making it a potent yet gentle cleansing substitute to harsh face wipes.

It’s also alcohol-free compared to most toners and might help boost skin hydration while reducing irritation, keeping your skin supple, smooth, and radiant.

That said, here’s a rundown of why you need to make this product the HBIC of your skincare kit:

Cleanses Your Skin

Cleansing your face every night is undebatable. The skin comes into contact with a host of impurities throughout the day, making face-washing an essential step in your nighttime routine.

When micellar water first hit the market, most people thought it was a replacement for facial cleansers.

And while the formula mops up every swipe of makeup and dirt, you need to follow it up with a full-scale cleanse.

Doing a double cleanse makes sure that you’re ridding your face of every impurity while also infusing your skin with vital ingredients. So please don’t skip it!

Acts As A Gentle Toner

Why Micellar Water is Essential to Your Skincare RoutineIf you often skip a cleanser in the morning and opt for a toner, you can invest in micellar water as a cheaper, simpler, and more convenient alternative.

Since it contains molecules that lift off sebum, the skincare formula is perfect for those looking to refresh a shiny T-zone without using the AHAs and BHAs.

Not that there’s anything wrong with glycolic or salicylic acids, but your skin might not be receptive to them, making micellar water the better option.

Best Face Wipes Alternative

While face wipes come with a myriad of benefits, they’re often loaded with chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

On the other hand, micellar water is just as convenient but more gentle on your skin. Additionally, the skincare essential is a more cost-effective choice as a bottle can last you longer than a pack of makeup wipes.

Doubles As A Makeup Remover

This Is Why Micellar Water is Essential to Your Skincare Routine

As a makeup buff, you can agree that there’s no bigger feat than getting up to wash off your makeup when you’ve already switched your brain to Netflix and Chill mode.

This is when most of us secretly wish there would be a formula that could cleanse our face and get rid of eyeliner, lipstick, and foundation in one fell swoop.

Thanks to the French, we can now comfortably catch up with ‘Run the World’ episodes while ridding our faces of the layers of makeup.

Since micellar water features tiny micelles, it masterfully lifts off makeup and excess oils for a squeaky clean, guilt-free appearance.

Best Post-Workout Skin Cleanser

Face-washing etiquette in between workouts can be challenging. Of course, a quick pre-workout cleanse, and post-sweat recharge is essential, but you also don’t want to wash your face too often and with harsh actives that can trigger irritation.

That’s where micellar water comes in.

The skincare essential doesn’t need you to be near running water to use it, making it the perfect gym bag pick.

Stash a bottle into your tote so you can wipe off makeup pre-pilates class or get rid of excess oil post.

There you have it – a simple guide to the benefits of having micellar water in your beauty arsenal. Happy cleansing!




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