This Woman Received A Relaxer After 2 Years And The Results Were Terrible – “I Almost lost it all”

relaxer woes

In a pretty interesting vlog-style video Youtuber Samira Rufai shared with her subscribers that after two years she decided it was time to get a relaxer.

Just to provide a little background, Samira Rufai, is a Ghanaian based YouTuber, who uses her platform to make videos about Fashion, Lifestyle, Hair, Beauty, Travel, and more.

Now yall, this poor girl!

About a month ago, she went to a Ghanian salon to get her hair relaxed. The salon she chose was a new salon and not her usual stylist. (mistake number 1)

The stylist literally started the process with oil sheen, OIL SHEEN yall! If that was any clue on how this process was about to go, watch the video and you will see that you were right!

Check out her comments:

Jo-Ann Mahaka-Mthembo
The majority of African hairdressers are like this. Not even going to pretend, I’d rather ruin my own hair than pay for someone who is probably less educated about hair than I am to make me live in regret. Nah fam!!!! Not I!

Ifeoma Mozie
@ Jo-Ann you told no lies in your comment. I love my people but I will only go to an African hairdresser if I see her work, I see reviews, and she has a license. I’m going for braiding and even then you gotta keep your eyes open with some of them, not all. This was done in one country in Africa so that says it there.

Tonya Garcia
I cringed when the “stylist” first sprayed olive oil sheen on your hairline instead of petroleum jelly. There were so many things your stylist did wrong. You could have done a better job on your own. Next time you are that unhappy with your hair, mist it with water, put a leave-in conditioner on it, cornrow it, put a wig on it, and wait for the crisis to pass. The sun will come up in the morning ?

It’s HoenestlyMe
She looks like she doesn’t even care about the job she’s doing, as if she’s untangling a barbie doll with all her force.. gurl…

What to do when getting a relaxer for the first time

If you plan to get a relaxer in the near future here are the basic rules of engagement.

1. Never go to a salon you know nothing about

2. Always do a strand test, regardless of how ‘lite’ or healthy the box claims the relaxer is.

3. For the love of God get out of the chair if you see even one red flag.

(This one is hard because most of us tend to be very optimistic about these types of scenarios. “Maybe the experience will get better”, “Ok maybe we can give her a pass for that”, “Ok maybe my hair won’t fall all the way out”.)

Getting Up GIFs | Tenor

Girl get up!

What to do when your hair is overprocessed

Relaxer overprocessed

In the video, Samira mentioned that she would have to use treatments to help her hair regain its strength which might work in the interim.

Her hair was clearly over processed which will require intense treatment. Here are 2 major tips you can try when your hair is over-processed.

1. Go to a reputable stylist to have your hair assessed

There is nothing better than some solid advice from someone who knows what the heck they are doing! Make the appointment and take full advantage of his or her’s consultation process.

2. You will need intense protein and intense moisture

Use an intense protein treatment to build your natural hair strand, and to balance the protein you will need an intense moisture treatment to balance things out.

A stylist will let you know directly, but if treatments don’t work, you will have to cut the relaxed hair off.

To be honest, we aren’t sure if Samira will be able to relax her hair again after what that stylist did, only time will tell.

Check out Samira on her channel here.

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