Whip it Good! Cardi B’s Vegan Whipped Cream Can’t Stop Selling Out


Cardi B is proving that she’s as good an entrepreneur as she is a rapper.

In December, the Grammy-winning rapper launched a vodka-infused whipped cream line called Whipshots.

In early 2021, Cardi B announced a partnership with Starco Brands Inc. to launch the product.

Whipshots is completely vegan, and so far it has received rave reviews.

People are also using it in all sorts of ways.

The 29-year-old rapper’s product was released in December, and it’s had new releases every day since its launch.

The one-of-a-kind product has been a hit with buyers too; every time it goes on sale, it sells out almost instantly.

This has been the case since launch. Even now, getting your hands on Whipshots is easier said than done.

You have to constantly keep your eye on the website and quickly make your purchase in the few moments the product is available.

What’s the Big Deal?

Cardi B’s Whipshots are not selling out just because of word of mouth.

Each can contains 10% alcohol, regardless of its size.

The alcoholic whipped cream is also dairy-free.

It has natural flavors and is 100% vegan.

It also doesn’t have to be refrigerated.

A 50 ml can costs $5.99; a 200 ml can costs $13.99; and a 375 ml can costs $19.99. It also comes in three flavors: vanilla, caramel, and mocha.

Whipshots are currently available only through the official website.

It is also only available in select states. However, the plan for 2022 is for its supply to increase so it can be sold nationwide.

The Whipshots website also includes various distinct recipes that feature this whipped cream.

They include The Resolution, Caramel Queen, Naughty or Nice, Mocha Money Moves, and Fire Island.

If the sales of this alcoholic whipped cream are any indicator, Cardi B is onto something big.

Whipshots have already shown they can be a major money-maker for her.

And thanks to their outstanding success, people will definitely be keen on any other product the rapper launches in the future.


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