4 Ways To Self-Care While Self-Isolating

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Self-care is sometimes looked at as the occasional bubble bath and candle burning, but truthfully it is much more practical than that.

Self-care is about making sure you are good in mind, body, and soul on the daily and most times, that just means drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. With all that’s going on currently, here’s a much-needed reminder to take care of yourself. Here are four ways to self-care while self-isolating.

Reconnect with others.

Physically isolating yourself does limit how much you can connect with others, but that doesn’t mean total disconnection. In fact, some extra time by yourself might help you realize the connections you value the most and give you that extra push to reconnect with friends and family in a more meaningful way.

Instead of staying in a funk and letting loneliness fester, reach out and catch up. Texts, phone calls, video-chatting, and social media are all great ways to see what everyone is up to and will even help make the transition into all this new alone time much smoother.

Stick to a simple self-care routine.

Chillin’ at the house can feel like a bit of a staycation, but this doesn’t mean we should abandon all we know about personal discipline and structure.

Truth be told, we might need some extra motivation and routine to keep bad habits at bay. So instead of staying up late every night, try to get to bed by 11 PM.

Or maybe break up those blocks of Netflix binge-watching with an hour or two of reading or engaging in your hobbies. Whatever your routine consists of, make sure they’re all things that feed your mind, body, and soul.

Nourish and exercise your body.

It can be relatively easy to become somewhat of a couch-potato these days, so it’s doubly important to get moving and take care of your body the best way you can.

You don’t need to try any crazy fad diets or grueling workouts to get the job done, either. Getting enough sleep, cutting out unhealthy foods, drinking plenty water, and stretching your body for at least a few minutes a day is a great start to being a lot healthier from the inside-out.

If you had an exercise routine before, try adjusting and recreating it in a way that makes it easy to implement and follow in the comfort of your home.

Disengage from the drama.

With everything going on in the world, it’s almost impossible to not get sucked into the seemingly never-ending cycle of negativity on both news outlets and social media.

While it’s important to stay informed and updated about current events, it’s not exactly healthy to be plugged into every little detail all the time.

So instead of allowing stress and worry in your life to be fueled by what’s going on outside of yourself, simply disengage. Give your heart and mind some much-needed rest by unplugging from news and social media for a few days and soaking in content that makes you feel safe and secure.

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