5 Products To Help You Achieve A Slick Ponytail Without Gel


Let’s get the obvious out of the way: when it comes to getting a super sleek and slick ponytail, there’s not much that beats hair gel.

However, it does come with a few drawbacks: It flakes; It’s extremely hard on the hair, literally and figuratively; It typically contains alcohols, which dry your hair out; and it’s oftentimes unnecessarily difficult to wash out.

And after the #gorillagluegirl saga, I’m not sure any hard-to-remove material should be anywhere near our hair.

Fortunately, we have more than a few options. Truth be told, there are various styling creams, conditioners, and pomades that can help us achieve a super cute and neat style without ever having to touch hair gel!

Here are a few products to help you achieve a slick ponytail, no gel necessary. 

Texture ID Styling Creme ($9)


Products To Help You Achieve A Slick Ponytail Without Gel

One of the biggest issues with gel is that it holds your hair a little too well, and nope, those crunchy curls are not cute.

This styling creme does a good job of giving your curls a medium hold without compromising moisture and elasticity. The aloe, shea butter, cocoa butter, and honey all work together to keep your hair soft and defined all day. 

Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Curl Sculpting Custard ($13)



Products To Help You Achieve A Slick Ponytail Without Gel

For thick and coily hair types, the process of slicking your hair into a ponytail can be tedious.

However, achieving a well-put-together ponytail is no issue when you have the right product; This sculping custard uses water, avocado oil, and honey to turn even the driest kinks and curls into something juicy, soft, and manageable. 

Qhemet Biologics Castor & Amla Nourishing Pomade ($17)


Products To Help You Achieve A Slick Ponytail Without Gel

Pomades are a godsend for those of us who struggle to find a product that’ll give us the hold and slickness of gel without leaving us with hard, flaky hair.

This pomade in particular is like an old-school grease except it doesn’t have all the harmful mineral oils and petroleum.

It easily softens, tame, and slicks your hair while also nourishing your scalp and encouraging hair growth. 

Melanin Haircare Multi-Use Softening Leave-In Conditioner ($19)


Products To Help You Achieve A Slick Ponytail Without Gel

Every solid ponytail starts with a good detangling session, and this multi-use leave-in conditioner offers up more than enough moisture, hydration, and slip to get the job done.

And no, you won’t have to worry about any breakage or shedding because it’s formulated with ingredients (like some good ol’ wheat protein and turnip root extract!) that build up and strengthen your hair from the inside out. 

Pattern Beauty Styling Cream ($9)


Products To Help You Achieve A Slick Ponytail Without Gel

This styling cream has a thick buttercream texture that lays your hair down by penetrating each strand with intense moisture, instead of weighing it down in heavy oils.

This formula is ideal for dry, hard-to-manage hair of any texture: shea butter moisturizes, boosts shine, and conditions; sweet almond oil nourishes hair and promotes length retention; and cacay oil works to puts nutrients back into the damaged, lifeless parts of your hair. 

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