Black-Owned Feminine Hygiene Startup Kushae Wins Top Place in Startup Competition


Feminine hygiene companies don’t come much better than Kushae.

Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, it produces all-natural feminine hygiene products.

Its founders know what they are doing, too. Dr. Barbara McLaren is a Board-Certified OB-GYN, while Kimba Williams holds an MBA.

Thanks to their expertise, Kushae has become the first and only firm that’s OB/GYN researched.

Its catalog entails a complete range of non-toxic feminine hygiene products that cater to women of all ages and stages of life.

It is also only the second feminine hygiene company founded by Black women to be sold at a major American retailer.

Both of its founders are actually of Caribbean descent. Dr. Barb hails from Haiti, while Kimba comes from Jamaica.

In August, Kushae also turned heads by taking home the top prize in a startup competition: the TiE ACCESS startup investment pitch.

This is an annual competition that shines a light on upcoming entities and rewards these startups by investing over $400,000 into them.

The TiE ACCESS pitch day is the result of a collaboration between TiE Carolina. TiE Tampa Bay, and TiE Atlanta.

The competition sheds a light of businesses owned by women and minorities, and it offers resources to go along with funding.

After winning the TiE ACCESS top spot and financial investment, Kimba also represented TiE Carolina, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta in the TiE Women’s Global Pitch Competition.

The event took place in the UAE in October. Even though Kimba didn’t win, she got some much-need exposure around the world.

Kushae feminine hygiene

In the United States, Kushae is already relatively well-known. After all, it has been featured in major outlets like NBC News, Black Enterprise, Essence, and Vogue.

With the funding to scale up and the natural quality of its products, Kushae is a brand to pay attention to.

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