Thinning Edges? 4 Ways To Quickly and Easily Fill Them In Like A Pro

Baby Hair and Thinning Edges Alternatives For Black Women
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Thinning edges are always going to be something we collectively want to prevent or fix because let’s be real—small, tight braids, sleek high ponytails, and other high manipulation hairstyles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Not to mention that some of us just have naturally sparse edges and can’t do much about it. This, however, doesn’t mean that those of us patiently taking on the task of trying to grow or preserve our edges should just accept that they’re thinner than we’d like!

In fact, there are tons of cute, realistic solutions we can (and should!) utilize to achieve the styles and overall look we desire. Here are 5 ways to get those thinning edges looking thicker and fuller in just minutes. 

Tinted Edge Control

Some thinning edges aren’t totally apparent. Has your hair ever looked completely fine when you’re wearing it down, but once you slick it back, it starts separating and looking a little sparse? I’ve had that problem more than a few times and tinted edge control got me through.

What is tinted edge control? Well it’s exactly what it sounds like: edge control that is tinted. It’s your regular ol edge control, but instead of being completely clear when applied, it matches your natural hair color.  

Because this is styling product with the purpose of slicking down your hair, it works best when you want to achieve a particularly slick style and not necessarily for everyday use since the finish is natural, but not hair-like. 

This method is best for those of you who have naturally thin edges or experiencing some very light, easily disguisable breakage. 

DIY Lacefront Edges 

If you haven’t already seen the video, then you’re in for a treat. Recently, popular hair youtuber TrendyKay dropped a video where she taught us how to get gorgeous faux edges using something a lot of us already have: an old lacefront wig! 

Yup, the method was super clever. All she did was cut hair from around the hairline of a wig she no longer wore and strategically glued them to her actual hairline to create the illusion of edges and baby hair. 

The coolest thing about this method is that it’s super easy and inexpensive. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t have an old wig just laying around, you can purchase inexpensive synthetic wigs made with silk or HD technology and test the method out. 

Trendy Kay’s method is ideal for those of you with thinning edges that create spotty hairlines or noticeably sparse temples. 

Hair Building Fibers 

Hair building fibers to disguise balding or thinning edges is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and honey, it’s still super effective. If you don’t know what “hair-building fibers” are, they’re just small strands of colored keratin-protein that attach to your hair when sprayed. 

This seemingly insignificant detail is actually important to know because our natural hair is also made from keratin, which means these protein strands were created to effortlessly blend into your own hair without being detectable. 

Brands like Toppik and Boldify are the typical go-tos, but now certain salons and even barbershops may carry their own products that work just as well. In either case, spray on hair fibers are super accessible and inexpensive. 

This method is best for those of you who are experiencing moderate, noticeably thinning edges and hairlines. 

Instant Edges 

Thinning Edges

Last year, Stephanie Lanier made a video about her product, Instant Edges, and the internet went nuts. In the video, she demonstrated how you could go from having severely balding and thinning edges, to a full head of hair just by using her custom hairpiece. 

The most remarkable thing about Instant Edges is that you don’t need glue. Apply it using water from a spray bottle, a brush, and a little bit of heat and it’ll stick to your skin and hair without any problem. 

This should make this method particularly desirable to women trying to grow their hair back because it requires no gel or glue to make it work, which means it’ll work well with any protective style you can imagine. 

This method is best for those of you with severely thinning edges and balding around the hairline. It’ll undoubtedly help you cover up every inch of space you need covered. 

Tattoo Edges 

Tattoo Edges for Thinning Edges

Tattoo edges are perhaps the closest thing we have to realistic peel-and-stick hair alternatives. While they are obviously not real tattoos, they are the temporary kind where you peel them from the paper and stick them along your hairline. 

Different from the other options, tattoo edges don’t necessarily do much for thinning edges that are nearing balding. Rather, they give people with naturally sparse or short edges a chance at versatility that they wouldn’t have otherwise. 

More than anything, tattoo edges are a fun addition to straight, curly, or slick and sleek hairstyles. They come in various styles including looks that are more on the soft and simple end, to those that are dramatic, curly, and swirly.

Now that you know you have options, which method are you willing to try for thinning edges? Comment below. 


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