This is Alicia Key’s Guide to Inner Peace & A Healthy Wellbeing

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If you need more reasons to join Alicia Keys’ fan club, it’s time to add ‘mediation guru’ to the list. The award-winning artist, renowned activist, super-mom, and now skincare/wellness entrepreneur recently shared her guide to achieving inner peace, and let’s just say, we’re in awe.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, keep reading for the most incredible inspo to leveling up your wellness routine.

Start Your Day With Mindfulness

Instagram: aliciakeys

On the Keys Soulcare website, Keys revealed how she starts her day with some radical mindfulness. The first few minutes of the morning can be vital in determining the trajectory of your day, and Alicia acknowledges that starting early and resisting the snooze button is a fantastic way to nurture your inner peace.

Also, rather than inhaling your breakfast, answering tweets with your spare hand, or jumping right into family activities (if you’re a super mommy), Alicia recommends taking some time away – even five minutes to center in on you.

She does this by practicing meditation (which offers numerous health benefits, including – reducing stress and anxiety, improving your immunity, and boosting focus), working out, or simply committing to five minutes of silence. She then takes her place in front of her medicine cabinet and lights a mood-enhancing candle.

Take Your Water – There’s No Other Better Substitute

Instagram: aliciakeys

Keys Soulcare is all about creating intentional routines. And according to Alicia Keys, one of the most life-changing routines you can adopt is, chugging water and lots of it.

“I don’t even think of water as part of my skincare regimen. I go for it.”

Oh, and remember to adopt a solid fitness routine. Alicia prefers cardio, a full-body workout, strength training, and yoga. She works out at least five days a week and trains for an hour or two daily.

Celebrate Your Growth

Instagram: aliciakeys

The advice Alicia Keys would give her 20-year-old-self is – ‘You already have it right. You don’t have to alter anything. You don’t have to fix anything; you don’t have to try fitting in or be whatever people think you should be.’

All you have to do is keep doing you! And that’s on a 💯.

Be Grateful

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Gratitude is Alicia Keys’ secret weapon. When she can’t seem to figure out how to change her mood or manage her anxiety, or when she’s feeling tired and can’t muster the strength to keep moving forward, she gives thanks – sometimes five times a day (yeah, I know * inserts mind-blown sound effect*).

She also prays aloud (though this can be internal and quiet) or jots down her gratitude in her Practice You journal. And when Alicia’s spinning, she tries listing five things she’s grateful for, which helps her realize that things are not so bad.

Pair Your Products With Positive Affirmations

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Not every meditation routine has to be hushed. In fact, one of the best Alicia Keys’ practices is chanting a set of affirmations as she applies her favorite product, the Keys Soulcare Sacred Body Oil (FYI, there’s a mantra inscribed on every Keys Soulcare goodie).

When she steps out of the shower, she douses her skin with a few drops of the oil and chants the mantra ‘Everything I do is an act of creation,’ which is super powerful. She then reflects on that as she creates every moment for herself and her day.

If you don’t have any Keys Soulcare products (which is a shame), Alicia recommends Kundalini chants – they help elevate the spiritual aspect of meditation. And if you’re trying this out, the most effective way to achieve renewal after meditation is to repeat the chant three times.

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