Amazing! Serena Williams’ Serena Ventures Invests in Selena Gomez’s Mental Health Platform, Wondermind

Serena Ventures
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Serena Williams isn’t just one of the greatest tennis players; she is also a great investor.

She owns a venture firm, Serena Ventures, which invests in promising enterprises.

And the firm’s latest investment is Wondermind.

What Is Wondermind?

Serena Ventures
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Wondermind is the brainchild of Selena Gomez.

Its primary focus is on mental fitness by promoting routines that maintain mental.

Wondermind is like taking your mind to the gym to keep fit.

Gomez co-founded the company with the founder of Newsette, Daniella Pierson, and her mom, Mandy Teefey.

When they met, Pierson loved the energy from the mom and daughter and loved how real they were about their mental health.

For instance, Gomez revealed in 2020 that she had bipolar disorder and had constantly battled depression and anxiety.

Her mom, Teefey, also revealed her battle with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

After hearing their stories, they chose to work together on something along that line.

Making The Investment

Serena Ventures
Photo credit: Facebook – Selena Gomez

Wondermind isn’t the first mental health startup.

In 2021, the sector received funding totaling $5.5 billion, double the amount in 2020.

There’s an obvious need for more businesses like this, especially since society has come to accept the importance of mental health.

And Wondermind promises to be among the major players in this industry.

It has a $100 million valuation, and Serena Ventures was the biggest investor in the $5 million early-stage round.

Other investors included Brent Saunders, Allergan’s former CEO, and Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Early Offerings

Serena Ventures
Photo credit: Facebook – Selena Gomez

Wondermind’s first offerings are a newsletter and social media channels.

They promise a roadmap to help you overcome stigma, change your mindset, and receive support.

Teefey is building the company’s production division while Gomez is working on marketing and creative direction.

Pierson also revealed that they are developing physical products that include behavioral therapies.

Serena Ventures: Making The Right Investments

Serena Ventures
Photo credit: Facebook – Serena Williams

We might not see Serena Williams grace tennis tournaments again, but this gives her more time to work on Serena Ventures.

She has invested for 9 years and has an impressive portfolio that includes crypto firm Nestcoin and recipe marketplace, Foody.

Serena Ventures plans to raise $1 billion one day, which is bound to happen when the tennis legend sets her mind to it.

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